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Name:Mr. FERDIANSYAH [Marketing]
Instant Messaging:
Y!: ferdiansyah.hino@yahoo.co.id Y!: ferdiansyah.hino@yahoo.co.id
Windows Live: fr_hino@hotmail.com fr_hino@hotmail.com
Google Talk:  ferdi.hino@gmail.com  ferdi.hino@gmail.com
Mobile Number:081808567037, 02171515386
Phone Number:+6281808567037,+622171515386
Fax Number:+62213518441
Address:Jl.Musi No. 8 Tanah Abang
JAKARTA, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Apr. 09, 2010
Last Updated:Apr. 23, 2010
Business Nature:Trade of Transportation category

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Authorized HINO Dealer. We sell all of kind type truck with Brand New HINO.Type of HINO for Catagory III such :
FG235JJ ( 6Ban 4X2) , FG235JK ( 6Ban 4X2) , FG235JL ( 6Ban 4X2) , FG235JP( Long Chassis, 6Ban 4X2) , FG260J ( 6Ban 4X2) ,
FL235JN ( 10Ban 6X2) , FL235JW ( Long Chassis, 10Ban 6X2) , FL260JT ( 10Ban 6X2) , FL260JW ( Long Chassis, 10Ban 6X2) ,
FM260JMixer ( Tronton 10Ban 6X4) , FM260JDump ( Tronton 10Ban 6X4) , FM320PDump ( Tronton 10Ban 6X4) ,
FM320P ( Trailer head, 10Ban 6X4) , SG260J ( Trailer head, 6Ban 4X2) ,
Category II such :
DUTRO110SD ( 4Ban) , DUTRO110SDLong ( 4Ban) , DUTRO110SDBus ( 4Ban) , DUTRO110SDBusLong ( 4Ban) ,
DUTRO110LD ( 6Ban) , DUTRO110HD ( 6Ban) ,
DUTRO130MD ( 6Ban) , DUTRO130MDLong ( 6Ban) ,
DUTRO130HD ( 6Ban) , DUTRO130HD Mixer ( 6Ban) ,

Major Products / Services
  • Truk HINO
    PT.Armindo Perkasa sebagai Authorized HINO Dealer Resmi di JAKARTA, menjual segala type truk dengan merk HINO dari Series FG235 (6Ban), FL235 - FL260 (10Ban), FM 260 (10Ban- 6X4), SG260 -FM320 (Trailer Head), sampai DUTRO.

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